Hungarian born production designer. After finishing his art studies in Europe, Gabor designed and produced fashion / trade shows with the established European company De Meo.

In 1991 he created his own Budapest based company - The Team.
Previous clients included: Trussardi, Hermes, Y.S.L., Fendi, Boss, CK, Diesel, Replay, L'Oreal, BMW, Coca Cola, and Levi's to name just few, and he has worked with Naomi Campbell, Austrian sensation FALCO on his music videos.

Moving to Los Angeles in January 2000 he co-founded ArchImage Productions designing events for FOX, ABC, Disney and Nicelodeon.

Gabor recharged his film career in 2004 and since he designed feature films such as Maggie (Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson)Behaving Badly (Selena Gomez, Nat Wolff, Mary-Louise Parker, Elisabeth Shue, Dylan McDermott), American Cowslip (Peter Falk, Val Kilmer, Diane Ladd, Cloris Leachman)Beautiful Boy (Maria Bello, Michael Sheen and Meat Loaf), and TV Series like Queen of the South (Alice Braga, Veronica Falcon, Justina Machado) Daytime Divas (Vanessa Williams, Tichina Arnold, Chloe Bridges, Fiona Gubelmann) Quantum Break (Shawn Ashmore, Aidan Gillen, Patrick Heusinger, Dominic Monoghan) and Making Moves (Patric Cook, Raychel Diane Weiner, David Shreibman)

In 2010 he designed The 4th Dimensions (Christopher Lloyd and Deep Roy) an IMAX 3D original production produced by Francois Mantello and directed by Jean Jacque Mantello and Richard Gabai. In 2011 Gabor co-founded IC3D Productions with Lila Javan.